About Us


Odass is a Quebec family business, founded with experience and a suitcase of knowledge acquired over the years. Every day, we search for ways to improve our work methods and we look continuously for modern products to stay up to date.

Our specialty, hight-quality domestic bathroom products at competitive prices.

We value succes with every partner who does business with us and also offer impeccable after-sales service in order to ensure that each customer is well taken care of and entirely satisfied with is or her purchase. Our partners and our clients trust is our priority.

Every Odass products is approved by Canadian standards and each factory that manufactures our merchandise are subject to quality control by our experts to ensure that our items are of superior quality.

To become a distributor

Our  products are only available in specialized stores. Each partner is important to us; it is thanks to them that we may provide to numerous customers. Our client's satisfaction pass by our partners, but also by our support and we are aware of it.

To become a distributor, you need to provide, by email, the name and adress of your company so we can give you an access code to our transactional website and also so you can benefit from applicable discounts.

Thank you for your trust.

Dany Thériault, President